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Всеукраїнський конкурc "Моя Європа" British Council Ukraine

Робота учасниці Всеукраїнського конкурcу
"Моя Європа"
British Council Ukraine
Должикової Катерини,
учитель Кулик Тетяна Іванівна

Europe is one of the six parts of the world. Traditions, cultures and customs of different European countries meet here and Ukraine is its geographical center. It seems, that center - it is important, but our country is rather young and more Europeans with hardly could say, where it is situated and what capital this country has, although the capital of Ukraine, Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

But few months ago, Ukraine loudly announced about itself. A representative from our country, Ruslana won the first prize at the Eurovision and made our country famous. This year we have got a great chance to show ourselves at jubilee, fiftieth Eurovision competition. These events will be able to promote a good reputation for our country in Europe and make us closer to the European Union. To my mind, being a real European doesn't mean just to live in Europe and to aspire to correspondent with level of life, system of education and Heath Service of the European countries. Spirituality life isn't less important, as all Europeans, Ukrainians homage them national traditions.

Our government's the main destination in the international policy is the movement to the European Union. But people' opinions about it are different. The young people aspire to it, the older part of the population are afraid, because they have had a lot of changers during their lives and they have experienced the destruction USSR. For the young people it is a step ahead, they are looking at the future with hope. They support the close political, economic and social attitudes to European countries. As for older generation, they support ideas of cooperation, but are afraid, that Ukraine's independent will gradually be lost. Becoming too involved to the European Union, Ukraine will louse its national indented and individuality. Despite of the problems and negative feelings, most Ukrainian people think that Ukraine should be part of "Europe", and would like to see the country playing a leading role in its future development. But for taking an important place in Europe we have to raise a level of education. As they say: "We make conclusions about the country looking at its army and education". So our country is ringing the European system of education. I think, that head of our school is rather progressive in their ideas and they promote learning English at the high level, because this langrage is the international one. vFor making learning closer to reality, English study leads by Oxford University Press courses. Knowing international languages helps us to became a part the European Union.

If we want to make the life in our country better and Ukraine is nearer to Europe not only geographically, but economical and political everybody has to do his best for our country. As for me, I want to connect my future with learning foreign languages and became a link between our countries.
Должикова Катерина

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